For Book Clubs & Reader’s Groups

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Below are answers to some questions I have been asked by reading groups.

How true is this story?

This is the story to best of my recollection and those who lived the events with me. Fran (my wife) helped my memory in several places to ensure the story was as factual as possible.

An example of stories being compressed is the conversation in Dale’s office at the beginning of chapter 10. It actually took place over several days and involved a couple of other people. For the sake of this book, I compressed it down to only what was important to move this story along.

And yes, I really was at the Statue of Liberty while Gemma was being born.

Did you get Dolores story from her?

No, I have not Dolores, and chances are I will not meet her until we get to heaven. Dolores story came from the adoption documents that we were given in Guatemala. Based on these documents and what I learned about Guatemalan women in Dolores situation, I wrote her story based on plausible truth or what might have occurred given the facts we have.

This story is to honor the woman who chose life and then made the difficult decision to let me raise her daughter.

Is there a difference between a Guatemalan housekeeper and one in America?

In the U.S., we associate a person hiring a housekeeper as being a well-off person because many of us have access to affordable appliances that makes life easier. This is not true in Guatemala. Many Guatemalan homes employ housekeepers because is it cheaper to do that than to purchase the appliances or to modify the homes for the appliances to operate.

What is unusual in Daddy, Come & Get Me is that Dolores lives with Doña Carmen and that she was willing to work with Dolores to care for Gemma. This speaks to Doña Carmen character and compassion.

Will you come to our book club?

One of the goals I had when writing this book was to start a discussion about adoption and orphan care. If are reading this book as part of a book club with at least three members and you are within 50 miles of Indianapolis, contact me, and I will come and join you for your meeting about this book. If you are outside that 50-mile range, please contact me, and we will arrange use of technology so I can join you.